Tools for Schools
Tools for Schools
Tools for Schools

Tools for Schools

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Your gift could equip a child in East Africa with books, a uniform and shoes. These simple items are the difference between a future of poverty on the streets and a chance of a happier future.

Children in Tanzania must have books and a uniform to attend school. Many families, struggling to put food on the table, can’t afford to provide their children with even the bare essentials required to access education. We believe it’s every child’s right to have this vital opportunity.


What you'll receive

  • We'll send you a card that you can personalise and give to your loved one.


Postage is free on this product (UK only).

All of our gifts are vitally important to the children we work with. As the need changes from project to project, country to country, your gift will fund wherever the need is greatest. Find out more here.

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