Emergency Essentials
Emergency Essentials
Emergency Essentials

Emergency Essentials

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Your gift of emergency essentials could help a child at a crucial time when they really need us.

Across India we provide Child Help Desks at busy stations where thousands of children arrive alone and in danger every year. They are open 24 hours a day and can offer vital support the minute a child arrives, before they are lost to trafficking, exploitation and abuse.

These children could have been through all kinds of trauma and often come to the help desk tired, hungry, injured and extremely distressed.

This first thing we do, to make sure they are safe from harm and know they can trust us, is to provide emergency essentials such as food, drink and urgent medicines ensuring their immediate needs are met at their most vulnerable time.


What you'll receive

  • We'll send you a card that you can personalise and give to your loved one.

Postage is free on this product (UK only).

All of our gifts are vitally important to the children we work with. As the need changes from project to project, country to country, your gift will fund wherever the need is greatest. Find out more here.