Band-aids and bandages

Band-aids and bandages

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Your gift of first aid supplies could help 16 children arriving on India’s train platforms in desperate need.

Reaching out and gaining the trust of children on the streets can be extremely difficult. They may be ill or injured, and they will be mistrustful of most adults. When new children come into our care and stays at our drop in centres, we train them to deliver basic first aid.

These children become young health volunteers and visit the platforms with us to help seek out new children, gain their trust and give them the medical care they need fast.


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  • We'll send you a card that you can personalise and give to your loved one.

If you have selected to receive your gift by email,  please allow 2 working days (office hours) to receive your gift. If there is any further delay please call 01270 757596.  

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All of our gifts are vitally important to the children we work with. As the need changes from project to project, country to country, your gift will fund wherever the need is greatest. Find out more here.

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